Konjolka Media does what most companies can't achieve, that's delivering what's promised.
Konjolka Media is an independent media buying and planning firm located in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Konjolka Media can offer clients the same resources and strategic thinking of the major players in the media business, while keeping the intimacy and personal service of a smaller New England office. We are able to do the research, planning, buying and stewardship for all types of media - broadcast, print, cable, outdoor, on-line, even matchbook covers.

Our client experience is diverse: retail of all types, major financial services, political, automotive, healthcare and more. Our philosophy, for all the clients and advertising agencies we work with, emphasizes accountability. We believe that we are accountable for all steps in the media buying process, including the results. We treat each client's investment in media as though it were our own.



Konjolka Media means results for your company and its media needs.